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Zoom Camera

Zoom Camera brings up to an adaptable field of view, and has a manual or remote zoom with a supplied zoom lens. It mostly ascertained as 3.6mm, 4.3mm, 8mm, 12mm and so on. The telephotograph effect will be when used with the higher the number of the focal length. The actual size of the lens itself, even so, it has invalid to act. It’s usually ½” in diameter.

Zoom Camera

27x optical zoom camera
High resolution and high sensitivity
RS485 connectivity (Control thro DVR)

canon zoom camera

Pickup device: 1/4-inch Sony CCD image sensor, System of signal: PAL, Horizontal resolution: 420TVLine
Minimum illumination: 0.5Lux/F1.2
Optical zoom : 27x,
Digital zoom : 10x
Backlight compensation: Auto
AGC: Auto,
White balance: Auto

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